Avoid these common mistakes in event planning

The devil is in detail when it comes to event planning. While guests may not notice when things go well, they will notice when they go wrong. Delivering a memorable experience requires attention to every detail, from start to finish.

This can lead to job stress in meeting planners. However, much of this stress can be reduced by planning. Avoid these common mistakes when planning your next event.

Not Being Tech-Ready

Although technology may seem easy to fix on the day of an event, it can be a major problem that causes events to fail. Your technology team must conduct a thorough tech check before the event starts. This includes guest list software and other technology-related items such as projectors, projectors or microphones.

Be aware that noise levels and audience chatter will make the event noisier. It is a good idea to have someone on-hand to adjust the volume. Compatibility issues between Mac and PC are often overlooked. Pick one operating system, and stick to it.

Failure to Communicate Pre-event

A successful event is dependent on the success of your guest list. Event organizers are known for communicating too little or too much in the lead-up to events. Think about what information you want from an event organizer. All details are important (guest badges and full schedule, directions and other local resources). You should also provide any other information to help make your event a success.

While a physical packet is best, an email suffices if you have a tight budget. Communicate any significant changes to your plan as soon as you can. If necessary, circulate a list with all attendees to all guests. This can foster connections and provide many guests with opportunities.

Neglecting Five Senses

It is important to make a first impression. Your guests will be more likely to remember a warm, welcoming and stimulating environment.

Your guests must feel at ease at your event. This means they need to have their senses piqued with the right temperature, memorable visuals and pleasant smells. It’s not hard to make a difference in how your event is run. This includes the attire and friendliness of the welcome crew, the background music, the appropriate level of music, and ensuring that trash cans are emptied. Fresh and healthy food can also be important.

Not Using Proper Fuel

The best thing for your guests’ health and well-being is to feed them and hydrate them. Caterers should be given special attention. You want tasty food and healthy snacks, but also to make sure they reach the mouths at the right time. To ensure that the food is fresh and on time, give clear instructions to your caterer team.

It is always smart to include different cultural preferences and dietary requirements into your catering menu. When appealing to large groups of people, having the choice is crucial.

Professionals Cannot Capture Your Event.

Are you thinking of using a friend to record your event or simply doing it yourself? You might be wrong. Conferences–particularly when it comes to video–look boring. It is much easier to make a sporting event or concert look amazing on video than a business event. Get footage of guests arriving at the event, engaging in conversation, learning, and entertaining.

Hire a professional who has experience facilitating great conferences and making guests feel at ease. This will make your event’s videography or photography a success. They will shoot your event, edit it, and hopefully make it even more successful than you hoped.

Failure to Follow Up

It’s important to follow up with attendees, just as you did for pre-event communications. Give attendees a recap of the event and access to all content. Sending bonus content to attendees as part of the recap is a great way to surprise them. Ask for feedback to help you make improvements and improve the next time.

Encourage attendees to network with each other and foster further discussion through social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter. If you have a future event, this is a great way to promote it.

The End of a High Note

The ending is what people remember, so make your event memorable. Your event program should be planned in the same way a band would put together a concert set. They don’t play all of their hits at once to keep the crowd wanting more. Instead, they spread them out throughout the set. You can stack your “wow factors” at the right times and save the best for the end. This will help carry the energy from the main event to the post-event celebrations.

These tips are much easier to practice if you have a great team. All members of your team should be on the same page and handle logistics with ease. Your priority list should include the guest experience. These tips will make your event memorable.


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