Bridal Shower Planning

You may be the maid of honour or a family member responsible for planning the famous bridal shower. This is your chance to host a sweet event to help the bride-to-be celebrate her next chapter in life. These are the essential elements to make your bridal shower unforgettable.

Things to Do

1. Location

Bridal showers are usually held at the host’s house. If your home is unsuitable or you feel it would be more practical to host the party elsewhere, consider renting a space at a restaurant or having it at a country bar.

2. Theme

A cohesive theme is essential for every bridal shower! You can come up with many fun themes, but you should be sure to match the interests and tastes of the bride. If she is a huge fan of sweets, you can make a theme out of it. Or, if she has always wanted to go to Paris, she can serve French food with wine.

3. Guest List

The bridal shower guest list will usually include the bridal party, close female friends and family members. However, all shower guests should attend the wedding.

4. Invitations

To give guests at the bridal shower notice of the date and time to plan and make travel arrangements, It is best to send invitations 6-8 weeks before the bridal shower.

5. Decorations

The festive decor is essential! Unique plates, banners or photos of the couple can be included. Make sure that the decorations are cohesive and match the party theme.

6. Food and Drink

There is no set rule for what type of food to serve, so it doesn’t matter if you are serving finger foods or full meals. Brunch bridal showers are a good option if the bride prefers breakfast. Do you know if she loves Italian food? Delicious pasta can be served with Italian wine. Creating the menu should not be difficult if you know the bride’s favourite dishes.

7. Fashion

We recommend dressing up for a bridal shower as it is a more formal event. You can wear soft colours, flattering silhouettes, and stylish patterns in all the right styles. Wear something elegant and chic while still embracing the feminine vibes of the event.

8. Games

It’s your responsibility as a host to entertain everyone! There are many games to choose from. You can create a bridal-inspired crossword puzzle or offer board gamers bridal bingo.

9. Music playlist

Background music is essential for this event. Choose upbeat songs that will fit the mood of the party. Include songs that the bride and her fiancé love.

10. Gift registry and party favours

Guests will usually choose gifts for the bride from her registry. This is why the bride must complete her registry before the shower to ensure that you can include the registry information on your invitation.

As a thank-you, you can give small gifts to your guests for their participation in favours. You can give anything from nail polish to delicious desserts as gifts.

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