How-To Guide to a Successful Virtual Town Hall?

It’s more important than ever to make sure your employees feel supported and connected. Townhall meetings are a great way to do this.

Town halls can brief your company about upcoming launches or celebrate a recent success. They are a great way to bring together your team and emphasize the importance of each employee. These meetings were traditionally held in person but can also be done virtually.

Start with Setting Goals

Start by identifying the key points you want your audience to take away from your message. Then, work backwards, starting at those points. Do you need to communicate a change in leadership? Or the introduction of a new process. Are there any noteworthy internal developments that you want to celebrate? Is the goal to make employees feel valued and aligned? Once you have identified the desired outcome of your town hall meeting, you can plan the schedule and choose the speakers.

Choose the right technology

Your technology will make your virtual town hall seamless. Choosing a premium platform that offers high-quality production and live tech support is important. These experts will guide you through your event and assist with any troubleshooting to ensure the production runs smoothly.

It’s important to remember that virtual audiences are more attentive in virtual environments than in-person presentations when choosing a virtual event platform. It would help if you asked about the engagement features offered by your potential platform, such as polling, chats and live Q&A. These tools will keep your town hall lively and ensure that your attendees are engaged.

You can reach a wider audience through virtual town halls. They allow you to broadcast the event and share it afterwards. It also allows you to incorporate pre-recorded content into the presentation as necessary. Recording segments in advance are great for speakers whose schedules don’t align. Wollemann shares. When choosing the platform to host your next event, make sure you ask about the integration of pre-recorded material.

Refine Your Presentation & Rehearse

Make sure you tailor your town hall schedule to reflect your message. Once your presentation is complete, prepare your speakers and practice before the big day.

Consider the length of your event and how you will divide that time to cover all speakers and topics.

A script can be a great way to organize your message and make sure it fits within your timeframe. Wollemann recommends that you tackle this script before starting to build any slides.

Make sure that your presentation is as concise and engaging as possible when planning it. Visual breaks, such as photos, videos, and gifs, can also engage the audience and spark some laughter among presenters.

Measuring your Success

You can use surveys to assess the success of your virtual town hall. A brief survey can be conducted during and after the virtual town hall to ensure that the experience remains fresh in your mind. Wollemann recommends asking questions to determine if the audience understands the goal and how they feel about the information. You can then plan your follow-up meetings and town hall presentations by capturing any outstanding questions.

You can also track your success using interactive tools. These insights will help you plan future town halls. They will show you what to keep and where to change things up. And how to keep your audience’s interest the entire time.

Keep flexible and adapt as needed

There is no single number of town halls that should be hosted each year. However, you will likely need to host more as we work remotely. It doesn’t matter if you host town halls less often or more spread throughout the quarter. However, it is important to remember that your communication style must be flexible and adaptable to changing circumstances and needs. You can create a cadence that is perfect for your company by understanding the goals of your town halls and then evaluating their success.

No matter if this is your first or tenth virtual town hall, there are many ways to enhance the experience and ensure that your message resonates with your audience. These simple tips will help you improve your town halls and evolve your strategy.

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