Planning an Engagement Party

The wedding day countdown begins with the engagement party, officially kicking off the celebrations. Follow these easy steps to throw a flawless party.

Choose who will be hosting

The traditional tradition is for the bride’s parents to host the couple’s engagement celebration. This rule has changed over time, as have many other etiquette rules. Now, anyone can plan and pay for the event. The bride’s parents should have the opportunity to throw the party, but not before them. It’s fine to hold an engagement party in one location or two if the groom and bride live together. The groom’s parents may also want to host a party, but they need to check with the bride and her parents about dates. Their celebration should take place after the party of the bride’s parents.

Choose a date

Engagement parties are held shortly after the couple gets engaged. This allows for the news to be fresh. It is possible even to announce your engagement at the party.

It is best to give your guests at least a month’s notice. This means that you should notify them about nine to eleven months before the wedding.

Make the guest list

Everyone invited to an engagement party must be invited to the wedding. The party host should work closely with the couple to compile their engagement-party guest lists. If you’re not sure how big your wedding will be, limit the number of invites to people you know you will invite to it.

Choose a venue

Consider the party atmosphere you desire. If you are looking for a place where everyone can be together, renting a private space at a local restaurant might work. A house, backyard, or clubhouse may be better for something less formal.

Register for gifts (or not)

You may be asked by guests if there is a gift registry. Decide if you would like to register. You can choose items from the low- to mid-price range if you decide to do this. Remember, the wedding is still to be. Please indicate that you do not wish to gift any items in the invitation.

Send the invitations

Send the invites by email or handwriting them. You can choose a simple, clean design if you opt for printed cards.

Plan your menu

You don’t have to plan a 5-course meal and a 4-hour open bar. You can serve anything from appetizers, a buffet or casual cooking. You can be creative and make dishes that have a special meaning for you.

Set the scene

You can choose a theme that represents you both as a couple or one that reflects the two of you. You don’t want the wedding to be too formal. The point of the ceremony is to celebrate your engagement. You can add small floral arrangements to brighten up the space if you have the funds. This is also a great way for potential florists to be seen.

Decide what you want to wear

You can choose attire that matches your party setting but keep it simple. For outdoor events, a pretty sundress works well. If your venue is more formal, a simple white dress might be a good choice. Your fiance doesn’t need to wear a suit and tie, but he should be dressed in a nice dress. His outfit should compliment yours.

Prepare for your event

It is important to provide enough space for guests to eat and have a place for storing gifts. Make arrangements to have the lawn mowed and the house cleaned if you host a party at someone else’s home. Make sure the heating and air conditioning systems are working properly. Be courteous to neighbours and let them know that you will be hosting a party.

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