Save Money on Flowers for Events

Things that appear costly but aren’t are my favorite. This gives you the great feeling of indulgence without guilt. It’s important to save money but not look cheap. This can be difficult.

Such is the struggle of an event planner planning a floral budget.

This is how event planners struggle to plan a floral budget.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the beauty of flowers and gain a new perspective on events flowers. Two professional florists were consulted to advise how to get the best bloom for your budget.

Invite Your Florist to Venue Site Tours

Spacing is a major issue when planning floral arrangements for an event. One will enjoy walking into spaces and noticing what areas grab my attention. One can see the space and save money for event planners.

It’s all about the Floral Flow

Even though large spaces can seem daunting if you have a limited budget for floral arrangements, there is no reason to make floral arrangements in every corner. Instead, focus your efforts on the flow of the event and where they will make the most impact.

Keep your mind open.

Planners often have a specific flower in mind. This may be due to client requests or personal preferences. However, the same look and feel can often be achieved with a cheaper option. You could be disappointed if you decide to go with a particular blossom only to discover that it will cost more than you expected.

Budget Clear

Many problems between planners and vendors can be solved by clarifying one topic: budget.

Speak to your florist BEFORE you settle on a budget

Before deciding on a budget, some florists recommend that you meet with them. Why?

Castro says, “You end up wanting a Benz but with a Kia Budget!” It is good to meet with the florist beforehand to manage expectations. The florist can be shared with event planners about their needs and available space. They can also discuss non-negotiable, where they have flexibility, and what must be done. The florist can use this information to help the planner determine how much they will need to achieve their goals.

Create a lasting relationship

Castro recommends that you find a florist with whom you can develop a friendship. Find a florist you can trust, who will always do the right thing for you every time you work together. At the same time, you may not require flowers for every event, many wills. To get the best deal, you need someone you can trust.

It’s possible to save money and cut corners by doing it yourself, but having a florist that you trust will ensure a great experience for your guests. Rather than a large-box store, a florist is more likely to guarantee freshness and long-term quality. They also have strong relationships with trusted suppliers. They can also get to know you and your style so they can provide exactly what you want.


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