These Ideas Will Make Your Virtual Holiday Party A Success

Virtual parties, virtual happy hour, virtual concerts, and virtual birthdays are all part of the year of virtual. Logging on to another video call does not feel like a special occasion. As the holidays approach, many employees work remotely, so companies have to look beyond traditional arrangements for in-person events.

Send the party to the team.

You don’t have to send your guests to the virtual party, even if they cannot attend. Send your team a bottle of wine or spirit to their homes to toast the occasion. Consider sending holiday decorations and souvenirs to your staff in advance. You can use your per-person party budget to send care packages or pay for their dinner. This recreates the holiday party elements for virtual guests. You can either order gift cards online or mail them to your friends.

Gift exchange

The last idea was about recreating the atmosphere and menu of the party for virtual guests. This idea explores how to recreate holiday gift traditions for a hybrid or virtual party. To show your appreciation for all their contributions, send all employees a gift from the company. These gifts can be given in person at the event or sent to employees in advance.

Virtual Class

You might consider hosting a virtual class to help your group learn. Employee engagement ideas include wine and beer tastings, mixology and cooking classes, as well as paint and craft sessions. To save money, your team could provide a shopping list for guests. You can also use a partner to mail out the kits ahead of time. The virtual classes can either be taught by a team member or by an expert. Keep the holiday theme going by sending your employees kits for making gingerbread houses. Have them walk through the assembly and decorating process, and then have everyone display their creations at the party.

Employees are the best source of talent.

An employee talent show is a great way to celebrate your employees’ accomplishments and strengths in work and outside of it. A themed event like karaoke, lipsync, or a dance contest could be considered. Or you can leave it open to all ideas and see what your team is most comfortable sharing. To allow everyone to get to know one another better, open the competition to your family members. A pet talent or costume contest is another fun option. This will allow your employees to have fun together and learn about one another.

Game Night

You can keep the friendly competition going by hosting a series of virtual games nights. You can also play bingo or trivia, each one of which can be led individually. You can use games such as escape rooms and scavenger hunts to build team spirit. Your participants can interact with one another using interactive features like polls and questions throughout the competition by using a platform such as Convene virtual meetings. Whatever game you choose, it can be a great way to build team camaraderie virtually. There will also be lots of laughter.

Celebrate the Team

You can spend some time at the party celebrating with your team. It might be a good idea to ask guests to submit shoutouts for their team members in advance. Or, you could create your superlatives and nominations program. You can have serious categories like “Most Supportive Manager” or “Customer Service Award” as well as fun categories such as “Best Zoom Background” or “Office Comedian”. Your focus should be on the strengths of your team members and expressing gratitude for their hard work so that your employees feel valued. You can give awards via email or verbally mention each team’s successes during an event.

Bring in the talent.

Your team can put on a show, and they can relax while you provide entertainment. There are many interactive entertainers available to you for virtual and hybrid events. These include magicians, psychics or comedians, and caricaturists and mentalists. You might also consider hiring a band or DJ to play background music at your party. This will allow your team to mingle and participate in other aspects of the holiday party.

A High Note at the End

Your team will appreciate the unexpected way you have closed out the year. Companies can still plan a memorable holiday party. This is a great way for employees to show appreciation and provide a safe, enjoyable, and engaging environment. These ideas will allow you to create a virtual holiday party that sets the tone for a bright year. No matter what format you use, create an atmosphere that celebrates each other and has a great event.

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