What is the cost of a wedding planner?

You now have a better understanding of the work of professional wedding planners and how they can help, so it is important to understand how much they cost. This will allow you to factor this into your wedding planning.


This is why it’s important to say that wedding planners’ costs reflect more than the time required to plan a wedding (on average, 200-300 hours). They reflect our experience, how we manage logistics, our ability to identify opportunities to maximize our clients’ budgets, their ability to save money, and the many benefits you get from tapping into our trusted network.

We can plan weddings in both dry-hire spaces and purpose-built structures. Luxury wedding planners aren’t crowded. We take on a limited number of clients each year to ensure your event is given the attention it deserves.

Full Wedding Planning Support

Pricing is generally determined by the services and support you need. Most UK wedding planners will charge a percentage of your total budget.

  • The industry average is 10-15% of your total budget. Minimum fees are usually required.
  • The minimum fees for UK wedding planners can be as low as PS5000 to PS10000*
  • Clients often receive a fixed price for big-budget weddings that are high end or have a large budget (6 figures and more).
  • Chennai Events provides a full service for wedding planning. We charge 12% for weddings with 100+ guests. For larger budgets, we can agree on fixed fees. Multi-day or weekend weddings that require more than one event planning are subject to the same fixed fee. Events like welcome parties, rehearsal dinners, and recovery brunches.
  • Chennai Events will charge a minimum fee for smaller, less complicated weddings.

Prices of Micro Weddings

Due to the ever-changing regulations, micro weddings are allowed for only 15-30 guests. These weddings are still popular, and couples continue to seek out planners. We can help you find suitable venues for small numbers, transform the space and help you source the best suppliers within the guidelines. This is a common approach for wedding planners.

Wedding Day ManagementDay Coordination

This service is for you if you have organized most of your wedding and would like someone to manage the suppliers, supervise the setup, and ensure that the timings are followed on the big day.

  • Reputable wedding day coordinators charge a flat fee. This starting price can be as low as PS950, but this is usually for people who have a specific number of hours.
  • A full day of support will cost you between PS1200 and PS1500. If your wedding has large guests or is more complicated, the fees will increase. Chennai Events is aware of this.

Other Services

Event Planning & Decoration prices for services can vary because of the work’s size, scope, and complexity. This is an important point to remember when approaching a wedding planner/event designer. It’s a good idea to contact a wedding planner or event designer once you have a location. The venue should also have an in-house team that we can work with.

Extra Costs

There are usually no hidden fees in the fees. However, it is important to ask your planner if they charge extra for travel or accommodation. If the wedding takes place over several days or in another part, it is not unusual for planners to request an accommodation.


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